The Amazing Viper X90

The Strongest, Most Quiet Residential Garage Door Operator System

Designed for carriage house, wind-loaded and heavy wood doors. The Viper X90 is a DC (Direct Current) operator with 1000 Newtons of power, making it the strongest residential operator. With the Viper's DC technology, you also get the quietest operator available with the longest warranty - Lifetime. Strength, Quiet & Warranty...the best options available!



Two styles of digital remote control transmitters in three different configurations: 2-channel MINI, 4-channel MINI (optional), and 3-channel MICRO (optional) remotes for controlling other devices. Unique, multi-bit technology, LED control button verification.

Modular Multi-Function Wall Station

Provides door operation and convenience from inside the garage. Compact, and stylishly designed to fit in a standard single gang electrical box.

  • Illuminated push-button
  • Security vacation/lock switch
  • Light control
  • Individual control stations can be combined into on solid panel

Wireless Keyless Entry System (WKES)

Convenient and easy-to-use, our wireless keyless entry systems use a 4-digit PIN and controls up to 3 garage doors.

  • Code security
  • Weather resistant
  • Provides temporary access to authorized visitors or service personnel

Specifications & Features

Travel Rate-Main: 5.5 in/sec
Push & Pull Force: 1000 Newton (1 HPS)
Logic Type: Microprocessor with Built-In Surge Suppressor
Limit Settings: Electronic
Display: 8-LED carousel
Dimensions (L x W x H): 14½" x 14⅝" x 6¾"
Lighting: Long-lasting LED lighting   - Why LED?


Viper X90 Manual: Download Here

Safety & Convenience

  • Meets and exceeds all UL325 requirements
  • Easy Operating System (EOS)
  • Infrared photo eye protection system
  • Safety reversal system
  • Manual emergency release in case of power failure
  • On-Command Door Activation (OCDA), programmable "open" intermediate position to vent the garage
  • Energy conservation feature
  • Self-diagnostic system